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Kamuinoyume's D Gray-Man Tv And Manga Review

D Gray-Man

Rated: 7

Overall, I think the first part of the Manga that got turned into an Anime was bad. And I honestly like to praise the Animators for adding all the extra little piece of detail that made all those choppy chapters more entertaining. But I'd also like to scold them for their horrible fillers, because, given the source material (the Manga) and just how poorly paced and structured it was, and given how entertaining they managed to make the bits of the Manga that they animated, I can't help but wonder how did they managed to f**k up their own original stories so much...

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Kamuinoyume's Kuroko no Basket Tv Review

Kuroko no Basket

Rated: 7

Overall, I honestly do think that Shonen fans will enjoy this show. It definitely won't become the best show you've ever seen, or engrave itself into your mind that you'd be constantly wondering what happens next, but you will enjoy it.

For those fans that are looking for an engaging story, you might end up somewhat satisfied, but also disappointed by the generic rout it takes. However, fans that are invested in characters and realistic drama will be sorely disappointed, since, as I've mentioned, the characters are pretty bland and the drama is severely underpaid.

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Kamuinoyume's Pandora Hearts Tv Review

Pandora Hearts

Rated: 8

As a stand-alone, the ending of the Anime leaves much to be desired, since it feels rushed and doesn't resolve any of the major issues and questions asked throughout the show, but rather leaves you with more doubts, and I would even dare to call it bad character development and the events that transpire leave an abysmal glaring plot-hole in the story as well. So I give you a hearty recommendation to ignore the ending and read the Manga, because, sadly the Anime stopped right when the most interesting part of the Manga starts, and anything that you've seen in the Anime before now will be completely blown out of the water by the next arcs.

As a Manga adaptation: it's pretty faithful to the source material.

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Kamuinoyume's Fullmetal Alchemist Tv Review

Fullmetal Alchemist

Rated: 10

What more can I say except: I love the show. I love the story, the characters, the ending, everything about it. So, it should come as no surprise to people that I'm giving this show a 10. It had its problems, but for me, it's one of the few shows out here I actually consider a masterpiece, and I highly recommend it to everyone out there.

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Kamuinoyume's Fullmetal Alchemist Tv And Manga Review

Fullmetal Alchemist

Rated: 7

So, to wrap this up, FMA (Manga and Brotherhood) had nothing to offer me, neither in terms of mystery, drama, character or relationship development. To me FMA was both unoriginal, boring and extremely cliché. I don't like this anime. Nor do I like the Manga.

I however do strongly recommend it to any new Anime viewers or to Anime and Manga fans in general. Whether you end up hating or loving it, it's and experience i don't think anyone should miss out on.

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Kamuinoyume's X Tv And Manga Review


Rated: 9

Both the anime and Manga take their time building up the characters and back story, so, for all you shonen fans out there who like action packed flicks, this might not be the thing for you. Religious people might not enjoy the way the God theme is handled in this Manga, and the ambiguous sexuality of some characters. Insensitivity towards the earthquake victims are what got the Manga band in the beginning, so I guess they won't take to kindly to it either, and there's a loooooooot of violence in the Manga (Dismembered people are an every day occurrence there, just to give you a taste of what's ahead), so I'd recommend the anime if you're not into that kind of thing but still want to enjoy and engaging story with realistic character development and great payoff.

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Kamuinoyume's Naruto Tv And Manga Review


Rated: 6

Overall, for me, Naruto was extremely enjoyable when it started out, the first season was gripping, original exciting. But as the story pressed on, it drifted way to close to the generic shonen show territory, which irked me more than any, because the show really had potential to be something great and instead it chose the safe rout: something that will guarantee to keep it running for quite some time, but it won't turn out to be anything spectacular.

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Kamuinoyume's Kuroshitsuji Tv Review


Rated: 8

A rather original anime seeing as we live in the 20th centuries and most of the tings have already been done before.

My advice to you is: if you enjoy dark anime with a somewhat comedic tone who don't shy away from obscene themes such as child abuse, murder and the like, you'll enjoy this anime.

If you're a shouneni ai phobe you won't like this anime, same goes for religious people.

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